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Anniversary Party

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Woodstock was a huge music festival that happened in 15th to 18th of July of 1969.

Lollapalooza, which means “something exceptional”, is another huge music festival that has annually thousands of people.


These two events have great cultural impact in the history. The first one is contemporary to the foundation of the Brazilian Association of Medical Physics, idealized by a small group of physicists. The other one, matches the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Association.

Let’s celebrate all together the greatest collective event of the Brazilian Medical Physics.

Let’s celebrate all together the past and the history of the ABFM.

Let’s celebrate all together the future.

Have you sent you song?

Don´t miss the chance of having your favourite song in this great party!

Send suggestions with the year of the song (between 1969 and 2019) to:

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